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Edgar Davey Logo design motion designer freelance



Edgar Davey Logo design motion designer freelance

For the past 10 years, I have been working with various post-production houses, digital agencies and design studios in London, UK as well as studios and clients from all over the globe. Some of them were full-time contracts and others recurring freelance bookings. The list of studios and clients I've worked with is quite extensive but here are a few of my favourites: The Mill, Smoke&Mirrors, Sony Pictures, Discovery Channel, Lexus, AC/DC, Coca-Cola, Swarowski, Nickelodeon etc.

Over the years of work I have gained a lot of experience in various disciplines of digital design and post-production and became a go-to 3d/2d generalist for many clients, who need their work done professionally and on time.

I have handled big scale projects from start to finish on my own, and lead teams of designers and animators as a project leader and art director.









3D animation


We have freedom to create virtual worlds, sets, and characters of any kind. Realistic or stylized. Great for product visualizations, brand promotions, explainers, adverts, social media campaigns, music videos, VFX and everything else you can think of.



Tell your story. The picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s impress your clients and audience by giving them an exciting overview of your brand, product, or service. Nobody has time to read your boring posts... Everyone loves a good animation though!



Give your audience an unforgettable experience! Let's create something truly magical. From huge-scale music, and performance shows to art installations and shop displays, projection mapping creates excitement and a sense of wonder in every viewer.



Very often I get a question - "What software/programs do you use?"

Each project is unique. Depending on the creative task, software tools and hardware requirements will be different.

Here is a shortlist of main go-to software packages and plugins which I use most of the time.

Edgar Davey Logo design motion designer freelance
Edgar Davey Logo design motion designer freelance



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